Market Survey of the Muffkie: Remarkable Results

Major food and beverage companies regularly invest in market research on new products from their product development departments. The results are important in determining whether to take the product to market.

In May 2015, a consumer market survey was conducted by Q & A Research of Novato, CA.  Q & A is a full service marketing research firm with Subway, General Mills, Coca-Cola, Anheuser Busch, Applebee’s, Annie’s, and Safeway among its food and beverage industry clientele.

According to Q & A Research report, the Muffkie scored, nationwide and across income groups, better than 98% of all products ever tested by Q & A since its founding in 1991.  In other words, only one product in every 100 scored better than did the Muffkie.  The president of Q & A Research described the results as “fantastic”. 

The full Q & A report can be seen and read at this link  .

Specifically, 37% of those surveyed, said that, given the chance, they would be “very likely” to purchase an 8 pack of Muffkies for $4.99 (the suggested retail price).  An additional 37% said they would be “somewhat likely” to do so.  The two groups totaled 74%, or nearly 3 out of 4.  Significantly, the responses were virtually the same across all income groups, including the lowest ($25,000 to $50,000 annual household income).

An additional finding was that 87% of those surveyed said they were open to a snack product containing pistachios.  Evidently, nut allergies result in only a small reduction in overall demand.

For the big box store package, 49% of those tested said they would be “very likely” to purchase a 21 pack at a price of $6.99 (the expected retail price).  An additional 30% of those tested said they would be “somewhat likely” to do so.  The two groups totaled 79%, or nearly 4 out of 5.