Nutrition and Flavor

Pistachios – A Delicious, Healthy Nut

Pistachios are the largest ingredient in the Muffkie, a cookie like snack product developed in muffin top pans. Pistachios are rich in fiber, which promotes healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Pistachios are also rich in potassium, which reduces negative effects of excess salt intake. Pistachios are heart healthy (see

Whole Grains – Lots of Flavor and Fiber

The Muffkie’s second and third ingredients by weight are whole grain rolled oats and whole grain rice, both rich in fiber. Fiber reduces the risk of cancer and aids in weight control.

Apricots – Natural Fruit Goodness

Dried apricots (4th in the ingredient list) are rich in vitamin A and potassium. Increased potassium offsets adverse health effects of excess salt consumption.


Sugar – Amazingly Low

Muffkies have 21% of calories from sugars, but only 10% of calories is from added sugars (the brown and white sugar). Most of the other 11% comes from the natural sugars in the unsweetened dried apricots and the pistachios (8% of pistachio calories are natural sugars). Cookies and energy bars average 35% of calories from sugars and, in most such products, that sugar is entirely added (unlike the natural sugars in pistachios and apricots). Muffkies have less than a third of the added sugar of the average cookie and energy bar.

Fat – Lots of Omega 3s and MCTs (medium chain triglycerides)

Muffkies have 47% of calories from fat, BUT less than half of it is from the butter. The rest is from the pistachios and the coconut milk. The fat in the pistachios is heart healthy, as it is 90% unsaturated and contains generous amounts of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. The fat in the coconut milk is mostly saturated, but is loaded with medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), which are the hot new healthy fats based on the latest research.

Coconut Milk