The Gluten Free Muffkie is one of the tastiest treats available to me since becoming a celiac. No allergic reactions, and the flavor and texture are out of this world!

Angelique Early

Muffkies have the perfect balance of nutty & sweet, and their texture is exceptional.

Larysa Krasij

My wife and I attended Tom Johnson’s “Dance Gourmet” last fall and were blown away by the “muffkies” offered for dessert.  I asked Tom if we could get several dozen for our Christmas dinner guests to enjoy.  We loved them so much we had the leftover “muffkies” warmed up and served as MUFFINS for breakfast.  So moist and they leave a creamy sensation in your mouth.

So grab a cup of coffee or glass of milk and enjoy these tasty Muffkies for breakfast and dessert.

Tom Morrow

Waooo they are deliciooouuus!

I honestly think you have a great product, and the concept is indeed an in-between muffin-cookie. It’s so wholesome that I think they might catch on quickly. They could compete with the nutrition bars, but of course these have a much better taste!

I love them. My partner tried them and he loved them too!

Carina Vega

Muffkies are so good you have to eat them with goggles on, so you don’t get them in your eyes!

Mike Topel

I have had Muffkies, both home-made and factory made. They taste exactly the same! The same wholesome, gritty, goodness that I enjoyed right out of Tom’s oven is now available at my local grocery store. And when I’m craving a snack healthier and more satisfying than a cookie, with all the indulgent nuances of flavor I desire, I don’t have to fly to CT, but instead pop into a grocery store that carries Muffkies. Heaven sent!

Now, the only problem is I can’t stop eating them…bliss.

Stephanie McHenry

They are so yummy!

Annmarie Fedak

Muffkies are amazing! They’re packed with nutrition from the whole grains to the low sugar and the addition of pistachio’s and apricots.  Plus they have omega 3’s.  They’re absolutely delicious. The natural sugars make them sweet but not too much, like so many other snacks these days. It’s a perfect combination of healthy ingredients.  The entire office staff raves about them. Tom brings them to our office every time he stops by, and they don’t last long! No matter how close to the end of the day, they’re gone before we leave. We can’t wait for them to be sold widely so that our families can try them too!

Breanna at Dr. Dushyant Parikh’s Office